In our webshop you will find everything you need to create the right atmosphere in your shop, shop window or showroom and create the perfect backdrop for your products. Be inspired by our festive accessories and decorations for every season, festivity, special occasion or simply every day. Our range includes window decorations, display materials and eye-catching indoor banners for spring, summer autumn and winter, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Koningsdag, Halloween, Sinterklaas, Christmas and, of course, special sales campaigns. And don’t forget to look at the beautifully-finished, undistinguishable from the real thing, artificial plants. Perfect for your interior, terrace or entry.

Flag, PE, orange

Product code 989377
€ 1,25 /piece Excl. VAT

Flag, PS, red/White/Blue

Product code 989376
€ 1,50 /piece Excl. VAT

confetti zak van 1 kg

Product code 989310
€ 5,95 /packet, 1 kg Excl. VAT

guirlande sneeuwvlok iriserend

Product code 890261
€ 6,95 /piece Excl. VAT

guirlande groen+deco goud 183cm

Product code 890260
€ 29,95 /piece Excl. VAT

Kerstbal mini goud 3cm

Product code 890258
€ 5,95 /box, 24 pcs Excl. VAT

Kerstbal mini iriserend 3cm

Product code 890257
€ 6,96 /box, 24 pcs Excl. VAT

Kerstbal Honeycomb 40cm iriserend

Product code 890256
€ 11,95 /piece Excl. VAT

Kerstbal Honeycomb 30cm iriserend

Product code 890255
€ 6,95 /piece Excl. VAT

Kerstbal Honeycomb 20cm iriserend

Product code 890254
€ 5,95 /piece Excl. VAT

Kerstbal Sneeuwvlok 25cm rood/wit/groen

Product code 890253
€ 13,95 /piece Excl. VAT

Kerstbal X-mas 20cm rood/wit/groen

Product code 890252
€ 9,95 /piece Excl. VAT

Kerstbal Kersttak 15cm rood/wit/groen

Product code 890251
€ 6,95 /piece Excl. VAT

Kerstbal Dennenappel 26cm goud/wit

Product code 890250
€ 7,95 /piece Excl. VAT

Kerstbal 20cm goud/wit

Product code 890249
€ 6,95 /piece Excl. VAT

Kerstbal Happy Holiday 30cm goud/wit

Product code 890248
€ 16,95 /piece Excl. VAT

Kerstbal Dots 30cm wit/zwart

Product code 890247
€ 19,95 /piece Excl. VAT

Kerstbal Make a Wish 25cm wit/zwart/goud

Product code 890246
€ 13,95 /piece Excl. VAT

Kerstbal Chevron 20cm wit/zwart

Product code 890245
€ 7,95 /piece Excl. VAT


Product code 890196
€ 8,00 /box, 50 pcs Excl. VAT

Bag, Jute, I love Sint, brown

Product code 888818
€ 10,95 /packet, 10 pcs Excl. VAT

Jutezak met sintapplicatie 80x50cm

Product code 888817
€ 4,50 /piece Excl. VAT

Jutezak met sintsilhouet 80x50cm

Product code 888810
€ 4,50 /piece Excl. VAT

Roetpiet aan parachute (45cm)

Product code 886374
€ 7,95 /piece Excl. VAT