Do you have a webshop, warehouse, post room, shop, or cash-and-carry, and are you looking for practical and smart mailing and packaging solutions? Obviously, you want your products to be packaged securely and well-protected so they reach their destination in perfect condition. But you also want to be able to work quickly and efficiently, with functional materials and at the lowest possible cost.

Effective and smart packaging for a multitude of applications

Whether you are going to package, fill, cover, buffer, tape shut, insulate, palletise, wrap, strap or seal, with our packaging ancillaries your products will always be packaged effectively. Take a look at our wide offering of boxes, films, tapes and other packaging solutions made of various materials and for a multitude of applications. For a smart and recognisable look you can have many of our products printed with your own house-style or logo.




€ 1,90 /piece Excl. VAT

Tape dispenser, Plastic , 75mm, 66m, blue/Grey

Product code 507437
€ 14,20 /piece Excl. VAT
€ 19,95 /packet, 40 pcs Excl. VAT

SendProof® Fits through letterbox - box, Cardboard, 310x220x28mm, with flap, single corrugation, white

Product code 377727
€ 18,95 /bundle, 50 pcs Excl. VAT

Strapping tape, PP, 16mm, kern 200mm, 2500m, black.

Product code 520152
€ 58,95 /roll, average 2500 m Excl. VAT
€ 18,95 /dispenser Excl. VAT

FillPak® Dispenser - FillPak, Metal, 0cm, 0x0x0mm,

Product code 396094
€ 79,95 /piece Excl. VAT
€ 63,60 /box, 500 pcs Excl. VAT

Tape tensioner , Metal, geschikt voor 13-16-19mm, red/Black

Product code 502132
€ 55,75 /piece Excl. VAT

krimppistool tbv Crystal clear zakken

Product code 501292
€ 39,95 /piece Excl. VAT
Sale item
Sale item

Foil, stretch film, LDPE, 50cm, 300m, 17my, transparent

Product code 114011
€ 38,95 € 24,95 /box, 6 roll Excl. VAT